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September is the last month of summer and as such, sports an excellent climate, filled with hot and sunny days and just a smidge of rain here and there to cool the lands off. The average temperature is steady at 19°C (66°F). The high average stays well over 24°C on the good days, and the expected low hangs around 14°C, particularly during the nights. Weather information and forecasts are available at

Credit Cards

Most major credit cards are accepted in Porto shops and restaurants There are lots of ATM cash machines scattered around the city. As a standard anti-fraud precaution, do not let your credit card out of your sight. Do not let a waiter or shop assistant take your card away to put it through a credit card machine. There is a risk that it will be copied. Go with them and watch it put through the machine.

For small shops and taxis cash is recommended.


The Portuguese currency is EURO. There are cashpoints („Multibancos“ in Portugal) all over the city, as well as at the airport. If you do not have Euros on you, you can withdraw them directly from a cash machine, or else exchange your notes at a bureaux de change (exchange office) at the airport, in town or at a local bank. Exchange rates may vary. To see current exchange rates, please visit or

Portugal runs on a 230V power system, making use of two-pronged plugs and matching sockets. If you’re arriving from outside Continental Europe, you’ll probably need an adapter and if your country utilizes a different voltage system (110V), you should bring a power transformer as well. Some appliances and laptop computers run on different power supplies, but always check before plugging in. Adaptors and converters can usually be bought at electronic stores, home improvement stores or travel shops.

Porto Service Hours

Public offices open at 8:30 in the morning and close around 18:00. Banks open their doors at the same time, but usually close at 15:00. Shops open between 09:00 and 10:00 and stay open until 19:00, but many close for long lunch breaks around 13:00, as do some governmental offices. Shopping centres remain open longer than stores on the street. Many shops are open Saturday mornings but close in the afternoon. On holidays and Sundays, most offices and shops are closed. Museums usually close on Mondays.

Official Language
The conference language is English.

Access to virtual Platform

The access link to the virtual conference platform was sent to all registered participants. You can enter the platform here:

ESB 2021 Abstract Book

Registered Participants can Download the abstract book (PDF 70 MB) when you login into the virtual platform with your username and password.

Important Dates

Deadline Early Bird Registration
Virtual conference
24 August 2021

Late Registration
Virtual conference
from 25 August 2021

ESB 2021
5–9 September 2021
as fully virtual conferencel

Biomechanics part:
9 September 2021





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