ESB-AERoGELS COST Action Joint Symposium

Title: Symposium on aerogels for biomedical applications

Aerogels are unique nanostructured porous materials with special properties adapted to fit certain advanced applications. Namely, aerogel-based materials can be used in biomedical applications as drug carriers, synthetic bone grafts for regenerative medicine and advanced wound dressings.

Advances on aerogels and other nanostructured materials in these fields need to assemble expertise from interdisciplinary and intersectorial domains. Technological developments in terms of novel designs, processes, modelling tools, characterization techniques and uses for aerogels should be aligned to boost the progresses on the topic.

Learning Objectives:
This symposium aims at assembling and integrating the most recent scientific-technological knowledge in aerogels and other nanostructured materials on a wide range of fundamental topics and particularly applied in biomedical applications.
Proposed Program:
Symposium comprises high quality research works on processing and evaluation of aerogels for:
Pharmaceutical applications;
Regenerative medicine;
Wound treatment;
Nutraceutical applications,

Proponent 1 / Chair:
Joana Barros
INEB-i3S, Porto, Portugal
Proponent 2 / Co-Chair:
Fernando J. Monteiro
INEB-i3S, Porto, Portugal

About AERoGELS COST Action:
AERoGELS COST Action brings together the knowledge on research and technology of aerogels at the international level from more than 200 institutions from academia, industry and regulatory experts. In AERoGELS Action, the use of aerogels is mainly focused on life sciences (pharma, biomedical, food) and environmental (treatment and removal of pollutants, energy management, life cycle analysis) applications.

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Important Dates

Deadline Early Bird Registration
Virtual conference
24 August 2021

Late Registration
Virtual conference
from 25 August 2021

ESB 2021
5–9 September 2021
as fully virtual conferencel

Biomechanics part:
9 September 2021





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